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Printed Promotional Products, so you can stand out in a way that’s right for your business. Whether you’re looking for promotional clothing and custom uniforms, personalized bags, or custom sports and water bottles, we’ve got options for your team and company.

Quality Promo Products

The exceptional business promotional items and corporate gifts are those that appeal to your audience, encourage reuse, or have a high perceived value. Godfather Custom T-shirt Printing And Graphic Design sells a range of corporate gifts, ranging from mainstays such as apparel, print marketing, and retail packaging to trendier new items such as camper mugs and lighters So are you prepared to start developing your business? Order your company items and wholesale promotional items

Trade Shows

There are promotional items for every occasion, including custom giveaways for trade shows and events, personalized gifts for colleagues and valued customers, and custom luggage so you can travel in style. It’s all about finding the right promotional products with the right level of quality to showcase your logo. You can then brand your business with confidence.


Printed Promotional Products, such as key-chains, notebooks, tote bags, and more, are typically used to build company recognition at conventions and trade shows, and give a boost to business relationships in the course of peak or slow times of the year. From custom-made coffee mugs and water bottles to branded sweatshirts and hats, corporate gifts are regularly given to clients or employees to exhibit appreciation, to generate interest, or genuinely to reward a job well done.

Stellar Customer Service

If you’re looking for promotional products you’ve come to the right place. We promise to make ordering quick and easy, and we’re sure you’ll save money. You’ve got a job to do, so let our design pros take care of making sure you and your logo look great! Whether it’s ready to go or a sketch you want to bring to life, send us what you have and we’ll do the rest.

Why Choose Godfather Custom T-shirt Print Shop?

Make an impression at events with these high-quantity business promotional items. Get your company logo into the hands of customers with these practical promotional items. Get your branding noticed at work (or on the go) with these promotional totes and backpacks. Use our full-color wraparound printing to show off your logo on these crowd-pleasers.



The Godfather’s Story

I started Godfather Custom T-shirts about 4 years ago without any real business plan. I started with a Facebook shop, spamming all of my friends and family as well as every yard sale group that I could find with an endless barrage of crudely thrown-together mock-ups. I quickly learned about algorithms and community standards and began the first of many ” back to the drawing board” moments.

I scoured the web to find a solution that would allow me to bring an appearance of professionalism and legitimacy. I came across a platform called [Tshirtgang]( It’s 100% free to use, aside from spending a couple of bucks on a domain and SSL Certificate. They provide you with a quality website, a design tool for product creation, and great-looking mock-ups. In addition to those features, they provide fast shipping print on demand, low enough pricing that you can turn a decent profit, and integrations to all the major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy.

I dove in headfirst and quickly learned the next hard lesson. Through no fault of the fine folks at Tshirtgang, I discovered that there is little money to be made from selling T-shirts on those online marketplaces after you pay all of the listing fees. Just be careful not to spend your profit on product listings. The next move was to try a little Pay Per Click advertising on Google and Facebook, but again I learned that the reward is not worth the time and money you put into the ad campaigns. So again, the strategy had to change. I decided to teach myself SEO and how to create free organic traffic in a last-ditch effort to make my T-shirt business goals into reality.

I can not stress enough the amount of time it took to learn and effectively implement a system that would generate profit with absolutely no overhead cost. The online platforms that have been key to the success of Godfather Custom T-shirts is free Business Listings on Google, Bing, and Facebook that send local people searching for custom t-shirts directly to me via email, phone, and Facebook messenger. I assist them with their design and image editing to make sure the print file is optimized for the best quality prints.

POD Success

I use Tshirtgang for order fulfillment because of both the quality of their products and the speed in which they produce and ship my orders. The second key to success has been creating online t-shirt shops on Teepublic,  Redbubble, and Spreadshirt. Unlike Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, listing my designs is 100% free and they handle every step from the sale to print to shipping and returns. on top of that, they spend the money advertising my products online with Google Shopping and Facebook Ads! All I have to do now is look at the monthly direct deposit I receive and smile. The third and final method that has paid off is the good old-fashioned word of mouth. Both mine and my customers that I’ve gained through becoming visible on search engines.

The best advertising you can get is from a happy customer that’s walking around with one of your customer T-shirts on and somebody makes a comment to them about it. Referrals and good reviews round out the formula to profitably and grow in the Custom T-shirt Business/Print on Demand universe. I just wanted to share the little bit of knowledge I’ve gained and a little encouragement to anyone who is involved in this constantly evolving and rapidly growing business niche enough to have read this article this far. I’m not saying what has worked for Godfather Custom T-shirts will work for everyone… Or anyone for that matter. The bottom line is it’s on you to decide how hard you’re willing to push yourself. It takes a lot of time and dedication to create website traffic and generate business without spending a dime. It takes time and a lot of trial and error, but if you are willing to persevere and put in the work, IT IS POSSIBLE!


mike honcho t-shirt

Mike Honcho Playgirl Full Spread T-shirt design is one of our best Funny Movie T-shirt designs. Get this custom shirt today at Godfather Custom T-shirts.

mike honcho full spread funny t-shirt
Mike Honcho T-shirt

Mike Honcho T-shirt

This cool Mike Honcho shirt is just one illustration of Godfather Custom T-shirts’ wide range of funny, rude, and offensive t-shirts and gifts.


  • Solid colored t-shirts are 100% combed ringspun cotton, however, heathered colors could contain a cotton/polyester blend
  • Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage
  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems
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TNN Trump News Network T-shirtTNN Trump News Network T-shirt

Rumor has it that President Trump may start his own mainstream media company

Make Revenge Great Again

How great would it be if President Donald Trump started a new mainstream media company to return the favor to all the fake news outlets that have been relentlessly attacking him throughout his Presidency?


Custom Graphic Logo Design

Making the best first impression starts with your custom graphic logo design. It is the heart and face of your brand. We’ll work with you and create a logo that’s fresh, innovative, and means business.



Logo Project Process

Below is an overview of a logo project. Since every project is unique, the approach may differ slightly, but will typically go as follows:

Down Payment

After you’ve committed to working with us, a 50% down payment will be required, along with the digital signing of a simple 1-page project agreement. This is a standard policy for most designers

Discussion / Research

At this point, we can discuss the details of your project, and narrow down what direction should go in terms of style, concept, etc. We will also dedicate time towards the research of your business/venture and your industry (if applicable). The idea here is to gain a solid understanding of your design needs and expectations. Research also helps weed out cliché ideas that may be overused in your area of practice

Sketching / Development

After the details of your project are understood, We can then begin the process of conceptualizing (brainstorming sketching of logo ideas). This is where most of the project time is usually spent. While a logo may seem simple to create, it’s actually quite difficult and time-consuming to come up with a quality design that meets the various requirements of a good logo (aesthetically pleasing, timeless, versatile, unique, appropriate and memorable)

Refining Of Rough Concepts

Next comes the task of selecting the best of the rough logo ideas and refining them into something more presentable. This process involves digitally re-creating sketched concepts, ensuring logo(s) work well in various sizes, making any necessary design changes, and choosing appropriate font and color schemes

Logo Presentation

Your custom graphic logo design will then be presented to you, usually in mock-up form (ex: on a business card, signage, etc.) This will help provide you with a better sense of what the logo will look like in real life application or as part of a cohesive brand identity. Along with these previews, We will include a detailed analysis/explanation of the design(s)

Revisions If Necessary

Upon your feedback, any necessary revisions to the presented logo(s) will be addressed (i.e. color, font changes, logo graphic tweaks).

If you don’t like the logo(s) presented to you, We will explore further concepts. It should be noted that most clients are happy with the first designs presented

Finalizing / Assisting With Print

Upon your approval of the logo, print and web versions of the design will be prepared. You’ll receive design files after the final payment has been received. The files will be created in a scalable vector format.

graphic logo design image
Graphic Logo Design


Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services encompass print as well as web design. It is essentially a visual design. It is important that a graphic designer has knowledge of all the design elements of print as well as web design. We pride ourselves on our high-quality work and diligently stay up to date with knowledge of all the design services and trends.

Logo Design

Making the best first impression starts with your logo design; it is the heart and face of your brand. We’ll work with you and create a logo that’s fresh, innovative, and means business.

Your business has to have an out-of-this-world logo that is unquestionably recognizable and unforgettable in the mind of your clientele.

Getting a logo designed, is considered one of your first key branding choices when building and launching your small business. Your company logo is the cornerstone of your whole branding scheme and will likely be used on your web site, for advertising and marketing material. Great graphic design will solidify your brand identification and drive income.

To get started, you will need to schedule a consultation with one of our professional graphic designers to familiarize them with your business.

Our purpose is to create logo designs that will become a readily-identifiable symbol of your brand. In today’s visual world, you want to communicate with images as well as you do with words.

Promotional Products

We have a large collection of customized promotional products, so you can stand out in a way that’s fitting for your small business. Whether you’re on the lookout for promotional apparel and custom uniforms, custom tote bags, or custom drinkware, we’ve got choices for you and your brand.

Get custom promotional items for each occasion, including inexpensive giveaways for industry shows and events, or personalized gifts for co-workers and important clients. It’s all about discovering the correct promotional merchandise with the precise level of high quality to showcase your logo. You can then brand your enterprise with style.

Looking for promotional merchandise? You’ve come to the right place. We guarantee to make ordering fast and simple, and we’re committed to extending big savings to our customers. You’ve got things to do, so let our graphic design professionals handle your promotional product needs.

Digital Printing

Digital printing involves printing a digital image directly onto the shirt or product. It is a newer technology that functions similarly to your home inkjet printer. 

Special CMYK inks are mixed to create the colors in your design. Therefore, there is no limitation to the number of colors in your design.

The cost per print is higher than traditional screen printing. However, by avoiding the high setup costs of screen printing, and is much more cost-effective for smaller orders (or even a single shirt).

A combination of white and CMYK inks are laid onto the shirt to create the design. Once the print has finished, the shirt is cured using heat to prevent the design from washing out.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is the traditional t-shirt printing method in which each color in a design is separated out and burned to individual fine-mesh screens. Ink is then transferred to the shirt through the screen.

At Godfather Custom T-shirt Print Shop, we are experts in custom screen printed t-shirts and apparel. We offer screen printing on basic tees, organics, blends, and fashion tees, as well as hoodies, crewnecks, and much more!

We can print artwork that you provide or we can help you come up with the perfect design. We work closely with you to achieve the look and quality that you expect before we start your project.

We offer thousands of different blank shirt brands and styles, from basic economy brands like Gildan and Hanes to fashion brands like Next Level Apparel and Bella/Canvas.

How Does It Work?

The first thing we do is separate out the colors in your logo or design using graphic software. A mesh stencil (screen) is then created for each color in the design (keep that in mind when ordering screen prints because each color adds to the cost).

To create the stencil, we begin by coating the fine mesh screen with an emulsion. Once dried, we “burn” the artwork into the screen by exposing it to bright light. We now have a screen for each color in the design which is then used as stencils for printing onto the product.

Similar to what you’d see in a paint store, ink is mixed for each color in the design. Ink is placed on its appropriate screen and then we squeegee ink through the mesh screen onto the shirt. The colors are layered on top of one another to create the final design.

The final step involves running your shirt through a large dryer to “cure” the ink and prevent it from washing out.

Why Choose Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the perfect print method for large orders, unique products, prints requiring vibrant or specialty inks, or color matching specific Pantone values. The fast run times can make it a very economical option for large orders.

Custom Embroidery

We now offer a full range of embroidery services! We are committed to providing you with the highest quality embroidered garments at incredible rates. With our high quality products ranging from hats to jackets, aprons to polos, we can take your artwork to the next level with our professional embroidery techniques.

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of sewing a design or logo onto a product with thread. Embroidery is an age-old process of weaving a design onto fabric using a thread and needle. Today, instead of someone actually sewing a design by hand, a digital file is created that tells a machine how and where to put each stitch.

How does it work?

After we receive your order and review your artwork, the first step in the process is to “digitize” your design. Once digitized, the file is sent to the embroidery machine and the design will be sewn out onto the product.